purchase inquiry

Thank you for your interest! Many of the sculptures
shown in this portfolio have been sold, however I am
happy to work with you on reproducing a piece.

How To Purchase An Existing Sculpture
A few of the sculptures shown in this portfolio are
available. If you are interested in a certain piece
you can contact me and if the sculpture is available,

I will send you all the information you need to move
forward with the purchase if you wish to do so.

How To Commission A Sculpture
This process is a bit more involved but can be very

First we will talk in depth about the piece you’re
interested in - things such as; the design, the patina,
pricing, delivery timeline and shipping/delivery costs.

Once we have mutual agreement, I will send you

the Commission Contract that will state all the above
information and ask for half of the cost to begin

work. This is refundable up until the piece goes
into production at the foundry. Once the foundry
begins work the money is no longer refundable.

We will be in communication throughout the process

to make sure everything is going as planned.
It is also important that you know, depending on the

sculpture, it can take a couple of months for a
piece to go from start to finish. I will supply you with
photos and updates regularly.

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Once the sculpture is done, I will contact you for shipping/delivery instructions. I will calculate the

shipping cost and send you a final invoice which will include shipping, insurance, the remaining fifty
percent and state tax. If for any reason you are unable to supply the remaining fifty precent and
the foundry process was completed, no refund will be given and I will retain ownership of the

As I said it is a bit more involved then buying an already existing piece but it is exciting to go through

the creative process together!

I send out updates on new sculptures and events that I am participating in so if you would

like, please add your name and email to the list.

For any inquires please feel free to contact me.