A bit about me…
I am a collector and a treasure hunter.
A walk through the woods or along the beach will
often produce armfuls of bounty in the way of
sticks, twigs, leaves or seedpods, each piece
igniting my creativity.
I am an observer, sitting for hours watching birds
and animals. Taking in their unique attributes and
behavior and working these into each piece I

My branch vessels represent a time and place
not just for me but perhaps for the viewer as well.
Common items composed into uncommon
shapes. No two are ever alike, as in nature.

The animal sculptures I create are like a
snapshot of a moment, each one telling a story.
When combining the animals and branches I find
that their story becomes even more evident. The
movement and the rawness of these pieces draw
you in, keeping your attention for a moment longer.

My jewelry designs are organic and fluid. I take
the ridged shape of sterling rod and hand form it
into soft sillowy pieces that invite you to touch.

The beauty of nature inspires all the designs I create.

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Michelle Berlin is a member of
PNWS and lives in the Pacific
Northwest where she finds
much of her inspiration. She
has studied with many powerful
creative mentors and teachers
and comes from a long line of
artists. Berlin’s work is in
private collections around the globe.